Thursday, 25 November 2010

Audience Profile

I decided that it would be benefical to find out the likes and interests of a member of my target audience before I started to film our trailer.

NAME:Chloe Gray
OCCUPATION: Student, living away from home in Student accommodation.
Works part time in a clothes store.
EARNINGS: £350 per month.
LIKES: Going out with friends, going to clubs, visiting the cinema, listening to music.
WHAT MAKES YOU WANT TO SEE A FILM? The backing track has a big impact on me, if I like the band I'm more likely to see a film. A trailer has to attract me as well.
WHAT DO YOU LOOK FOR IN A TRAILER? I don't like too much to be given away, so when I go to see a film I like to be left on the edge of my seat. I like to see well known actors as well.
WHAT GENRE OF FILM DO YOU LIKE? I love chick flick films, but I like horrors as long as there not too gorey!