Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Horror Film Posters

As part of our project I will also need to create a poster, advertising our film.

Therefore, I decided to look at posters that have already been created to see what conventions make a successful poster.

I noticed that:

  • Red is a typical convention for text as it has connotations of blood.
  • The posters are generally quite basic, so that they have a lasting impact.
  • A tagline from the film is often featured on the poster.
  • The main character is featured on the poster.
  • Credits are noted along the bottom.
  • The background is typically black, with white writing.
  • The release date for the film is always included, as well as the minimum age.

The next plan

  • is to focus on the disequalibrium section of our trailer.
  • we've set a couple of days to go out and film
  • and plan to edit as we go to make sure everything fits together properly.
  • we've also prepared some of the costumes that we'll need to use, and have practised with face paint to make it look realistic.

Our trailer so far...

  • We've managed to film quite a lot already, focussing mainly on the equalibrium at the beginning of the trailer.
  • We've filmed a range of shots just incase something doesn't work as well as we think.
  • Made sure theres continuity when necessary.
  • We've also edited the beginning of our trailer, to make sure we have enough shots and angles.
  • But the weather's been a problem, as because of the snow we havn't been able to go out as much as we wanted to.