Wednesday, 23 September 2009

When I created my school magazine, the first thing I decided to do was go and take pictures. This meant that I had the foundation to my magazine. I took a range of photos as this meant I had lots of option choices, and had back up photos incase they didn't look as they appeared on the camera screen.

This was the very first photo that I took, althought I liked how the background complimented the models clothing, the male model looked too serious. Therefore I chose not to use this photograph.

My next idea was to have someone jumping in the air on my cover, as if they were celebrating good results. However, it was difficult to get the position of the camera right, and to capture a high quality image in the air. I decided not to use this idea, as all of the photo's were too blurry, or difficult to cut out.

This is the photo that I finally decided to use. I choose this,
as both of my models l ook natural and are both staring
into the camera.

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