Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Lighting Techinques

Another of my roles was to focus on lighting in our scenes. I think this will be a particularly difficult task as horror films are stereotypically set in the dark, which will make it difficult for the camera to focus on the action. Therefore, as a group we decided to film mostly at dusk, and then use editing tools to make scenes darker as this would make the quality of images higher.

  • offered useful advice as they recommended lighting your film shot by shot. This means that when you relocate the camera to shoot a different angle, the lights must be moved as well to ensure the subject is always lit correctly. This is partly why films take so long to shoot.
  • This website also advised that when filming a shot and reverse shot, instead of moving the camera and lights for the reverse shot, simply switch the actors around and move the camera to the other side of the eye-line, in order to maintain the correct eye-line relationship. This allows you to use the same lighting set-up for two or more pairs of shots.

  • I particularly liked the lighting techniques used in this video, and hope to achieve similar shots to the highest quality achievable. I feel that the angles and skills used in this video really suit the genre of our trailer and will therefore try to use them in our film. ( )

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