Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Trailer Soundtrack:

Before creating our project, or focusing on our separate roles, as a group we decided to chose the music which would be the soundtrack of our trailer.

We felt this was an important decision to make as a group as the music creates the tension in the scene, and helps to speed up the pace of the whole trailer.

After conducting research into other trailers we found that the music is always of a complimentary genre to the type of film, for example a sad song for a sad film. Therefore we decided that we wanted something dark and heavy so opted for rock or heavy metal music. This would allow us to create a dark, eerie atmosphere.

As a group we all agreed on 'Hysteria' by Muse.

We felt this was very suitable as it starts with a slower tone before building up to the cresendo, where the action would take place in our trailer.

We also wanted to check that the public agreed with our song choice:

Amy Buck, 15, said 'I think it sounds like it would belong in a horror trailer, it's not my kind of music but it would definitly be something that could scare me in a movie!'

Ryan Moffit, 18 also agreed stating that 'It definitly makes me think of a chase scene or a killing spree, something creepy like that. I love any song by Muse so I think this would also attract me to see the film.'

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